Advocate Services, Inc. works in tandem with its sister investigative company which shares the same philosophies, high standards of service, and some of the same professional personnel.  As a result of having "in-house" investigative services, higher costs and outsourcing-related issues are virtually eliminated!
Advocate Investigations
P.O. Box 640536
El Paso, Texas 79904
Texas License # A15096
Advocate Investigations is a team of professionals bringing to the table, decades of experience in the investigation field.  The general services offered include but are not limited to:
  • Skip Tracing/Locate/Telephone Searches
  • Background/Criminal History Checks
  • Court Records Searches
  • Static Surveillance(Insurance, Fraud, False Allegations etc.               (Sorry but we do not do domestic infidelity surveillance/cases)
  • Asset Recovery (to include Commercial Vehicles)
 Areas of specialization/certifications are:

Criminal Case Defense(Misdemeanor, Felony, Federal) to include but not limited to; Homicide, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Assault, Property Crimes (Theft, Damage), and Drug Offenses (Possessions) with extensive experience in Vehicular Crimes (Manslaughter, DWI/DUI, etc.) and Crimes involving minor/juvenile. Because the Chief Investigator is a licensed Peace Officer in Texas, he completes the same continuing education training as the Peace Officer working for an agency. This proves beneficial in identifying exculpatory evidence as a result of  misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance on the part of law enforcement.

Civil Case (Plaintiff or Defendant) witness locate/accounts, Foreclosures (forensic document review), with extensive experience in the investigation of Vehicular Crashes (reconstruction, spot traffic speed studies-via radar, video, photo, and other evidence collection), including commercial vehicles (we have investigative staff members who also hold Commercial Drivers Licences).
  Advocate Investigations is staffed and equipped to investigate your civil and/or criminal case. We understand that your case is of no value if it doesn't make it to the courtroom, therefore, we pride ourselves on our skills and expertise in preparing professional and chronologically detailed court-worthy written reports and courtroom testimony.
Advocate Investigations is a fully insured company that is
"Licensed by the Texas Private Security Board"
National Association of Investigative Specialists Member

                  Also a Member of  "TALI"
                   (Texas Assoc. of Licensed Investigators)
 Advocate Investigations
P.O. Box 640536
El Paso, Texas 79905
 (915) 757-6626 (Voice Message Center) 
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